TIMBRUS own vineyards are situated in the legendary Purcari region at the South-East of Moldova. At the beginning of the 19th century foreign colonists were creating excellent wines there that were considered to be highly competitive with the French samples.

Over the centuries Purcari winemaking region kept its main treasure –unique terroir stretched over the Dniester River valley.

There are specific drained soils in this region, the so-called loamy chernozemic soils. Searching for water vine roots go deep into the ground, which enables wine producers to grow traditional, highly precious grape varieties. Vicinity of the Dniester River creates very convenient climate conditions for vine, protecting it from severe frost in winter as well as from extreme heat in summer. Therefore, grapes ripen gradually, without a damage of extreme temperature changes being saturated with all the necessary components that enrich the future wines with the sunshine and richness of local soil.

Timbrus wines, produced from the grapes grown in Purcari region, are the wines with Protected Geographical Indication PGI Stefan Vodă – one of the three winemaking regions of the Republic of Moldova. This geographic area, located on the altitude of nearly 150 meters above sea-level, covers the surface of almost 10,000 ha. The wine region „Ștefan Vodă”, similar from climatic point of view to Bordeaux wine region in France, is distinguished by its sunny climate, little precipitation and influence of the Black Sea breeze and the Dniester River. Microclimate formed under these natural conditions is suitable for cultivation of many grape varieties, especially the black ones. The following grape varieties can be distinguished among them – Merlot, Malbec, Saperavi, Shiraz, Rara Neagră, Fetească Neagră, all of them being grown at Timbrus vineyards in Purcari. They are also successfully cultivated in the wine region „Ștefan Vodă” various wite grape varieties, such as Viorica, Chardonnay, Traminer, Sauvignon, used for making Timbrus wines with PGI „Ștefan Vodă”.


Situated in Purcari winemaking region, TIMBRUS own vineyards are planted in accordance with the unique sorting program that stipulates optimum use of rich resources of the major winemaking region of Moldova.

TIMBRUS vineyards are remarkable for the fact that there are successfully grown both traditional varieties of grapes (such as Merlot, Sauvignon, Chardonnay) and unique local ones (such as Rara Neagra, Viorica, Feteasca Neagra) within Purcari region.

Besides, the company successfully cultivates the varieties of grape which are rare for Moldova (such as Saperavi, Shiraz, Malbec). These grapes are used to create exclusive author’s wines.

Thus TIMBRUS sorting program is in the process of constant development and continuous search for new and unique for Moldova techniques in viticulture.


The secret of TIMBRUS wines lies in correct European approach at all stages -from planting the young vineyards till bottling. This approach shows itself in every detail: selection of qualitative planting materials; planting them out in most favorable conditions for the best productivity; selective and smart usage of Purcari region’s natural resources, and natural aging of wine in barrels made of French and American oak.

TIMBRUS wines are the only ones in Moldova that are produced with the application of natural wine yeast technology.

The usage of natural yeast cultivated on the vines of TIMBRUS own vineyards, unlike the laboratory created yeast, permits to achieve the unique flavor qualities to distinguish TIMBRUS wine among other highly qualitative but alike in taste wines of the same region.

Namely thanks to the usage of natural wine yeast technology TIMBRUS wines fully reveal all the features of every grape variety, as well as the richness and peculiarity of the nature in Purcari region.

Being highly potential for storage, TIMBRUS premium wines are recommended for wine collectors and true lovers of wine with distinct characteristics.