We create a new model of winemaking business in Moldova. Having founded an estate with its own vineyards in the main wine region of the country Purcari, we plan to build a modern tourist and wine complex of a new generation.

We believe that success can be obtained only due to fundamental and creative approach to the development of a winery. That is why the entire creating process of our wines, from vineyards planting to bottling, is controlled by the European oenologist.

Due to this unique combination of Purcari wine region favorable conditions and world-class oenologists’ experience we create new Moldovan wines with an individual character. These are noble wines of premium category demonstrating new development prospects of domestic winemaking.

About the project

TIMBRUS is an international project that specializes in producing totally new wines of premium quality. The name of the project comes from the word «timbru» meaning fiscal or postage stamp. Like rare stamps TIMBRUS wines pretend to turn into desired objects of wine collections.

The story of the project begins from the purchase of commercial lands in Purcari region, the most popular Moldovan wine-producing region that has become a legend since the 19th century, when the wines of European quality have been already being produced there. Inviting distinguished foreign expert in the field of viniculture and winemaking for development of TIMBRUS wines has become a strategic decision. The European oenologist of the TIMBRUS company is involved in the process of wine creation from selection the grape varieties for planting and controls the entire process up till bottling. As the result TIMBRUS wines notably differ from the rest of region’s wines by truly European noble style.

Being born in the unique blend of the Purcari region’s climatic conditions, Moldovan winemaking traditions and European expert’s skills, TIMBRUS wines embody author’s view of European oenologist on Moldovan vinification future.

TIMBRUS in its turn is a personal winemaker’s message addressed to connoisseurs of wines worldwide. The message contains a secret of a unique wine. But this intriguing mystery can’t be understood by simply reading or seeing the message. One can feel and discover it only by tasting the wine.

TIMBRUS is a discovery brand, a surprise brand, a confirmation of the fact that exquisite and refine samples of the world viniculture are created in Moldova as well.


Manuel Vicente Ortiz Martinez is a renowned Spanish oenologist who creates wines for TIMBRUS. Being an extraordinary experienced specialist in oenology and viticulture, Manuel Ortiz created wines in his own country – Spain. He headed technological departments of several winemaking companies and created several own wine trademarks that became very popular outside Spain.

Today he is one of the most sought-after European oenological consultants, the adviser at winemaking companies of Europe, Latin America and Russia.

TIMBRUS is one of the most ambitious and important projects by Manuel Ortiz. Completely controlling all the processes of wine growing and winemaking of the company, the Spanish oenologist seeks to prove the main thing – that the world-class premium wines can be and have to be created in Moldova. The wines most fully and in a new way reveal the huge potential of winemaking in Moldova.


In the picturesque Purcari region, among TIMBRUS own vineyards, it is planned to create in next years new wine tourist complex, individual both from the point of view of esthetics and innovation and production characteristics.

The complex’s design represents an architectural implementation of company’s philosophy. Making premium wines with a recognizable character, TIMBRUS plans to build a complex unlike any winery in Moldova. The bright, individual image emphasizes the key point of the company’s business, its aspiration to create original authors’ samples of premium winemaking.

Besides the famous designers and architects, the experts in oenology took part in the complex designing.

As the result, the created project is not just unique from the point of view of the design; it also provides maximum optimization and individualization of all production processes.

At the same time as building TIMBRUS complex, the company also plans to elaborate and implement in Purcari its own touristic program, combining the sojourn in an ecological environment and the maximum care about the visitors. Own guest rooms, rest areas, restaurants – all these and much more will be at our guests’ disposal. The strategic target of TIMBRUS wine tourism complex is its inclusion in the European Wine Route, along with the most valuable and respectable wineries of the continent.