Rara Neagra

Timbrus Rară Neagră De Purcari
Dry red wine
Aged in oak barrels not less than 12 months.

Protected Geographical Indication Stefan Voda.

It is a legendary Moldovan wine produced from the autochthonous grape variety Rară Neagră, known since IV-V centuries BC. The soil, climate and traditions of Moldovan winemaking are represented in this wine, which is considered a symbol of Moldovan red wines.

Terroir – Purcari, the Republic of Moldova.
Grapes – RaraNeagra 100%. Manually harvested.
Coloris – ruby-red, with cherry undertone.
Aroma – rich with notes of cherry and ripe plums, dried fruits and vanilla.
Taste – complete, with juiced notes of raspberry and berries, with mild velvety body.
Aftertaste – velvety, with mild tannins.
Pairing – hot and cold meat dishes, snacks, pizza, game dishes, pates, red berries and fruit desserts.
Recommended to be served at a temperature of + 14 … + 16 ° С

International Wine Challenge
Rară Neagră 2016

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