Polifonia 3

Timbrus Polifonia De Purcari Note #3
Traminer / Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay
Dry white wine

Protected geographical indication Stefan-Voda.

The wine Timbrus Polifonia Note #3 is an original assemblage, combining the inspiration and Moldovan winemaking traditions. Resembling musical polyphony, the wine Timbrus Polifonia combines perfectly epochal traditions, freedom of thought and depth of the art of its author.

Terroir – Purcari, the Republic of Moldova.
Grapes– Traminer 50%, Sauvignon Blanc 25%, Chardonnay 25%. Manually harvested.
Color – crystal-clear, golden.
Aroma – intense, with predominating notes of rose, barberry and tropical fruits.
Taste – balanced, fresh, with intense notes of fruits, and citrus.
Aftertaste – longlasting, elegant, with hints of milky caramel.
Pairing – poultry meat, seafoods, light salads.
Recommended to be served at a temperature of +8 … +12 °C

Gold Bronze
Timbrus Polifonia Note #3 2018 Timbrus Polifonia Note #3 2017
Timbrus Polifonia Note #3 2017
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