Timbrus Chardonnay De Purcari
Dry white wine

Protected geographical indication Stefan-Voda.

The provenance of Chardonnay is very complicated. However, this grape variety is the most requested, and today there are more than 30 different clones of it. Chardonnay is considered an etalon of white wines. This wine reminds a white canvas with unique drawing which identity reveals depending on terroir and winemaking technologies.

Terroir – Purcari, the Republic of Moldova.
Grapes – Chardonnay 100%. Manually harvested.
Color – yellow-straw, bright, with slight green undertone.
Aroma – elegant, with predominating notes of Duchess pear, exotic fruits and white flowers.
Taste – complete, with notes of gooseberry, honey and tropical fruits
Aftertaste – mild, with hints of caramelized nuts.
Pairing – seafoods, oysters, poultry white meat, spicy (unripened) cheese, dessert and fruit salad, nuts.
Recommended to be served at a temperature of +8 … +12 °C

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